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Eco-friendly gifts for teachers

The end of term is fast approaching so if you're looking for a unique teacher gift, then we've got you covered.

I used to be a teaching assistant so I know a thing or two or about receiving presents at the end of term. I usually ended up with tonnes of chocolates which is no bad thing, but a bit of variety is always good! I actually planned the contents of this box whilst running with a teacher friend, so you know the gifts have been thought of by experts!

The gifts I remember, were the personal teacher presents, handmade by the children. I had a brilliant stickman model once, which I still have. I also have some wonderful artwork and handwritten cards, which are just so precious.

I have children of my own, so I know how tough it can be to get them to make or draw something lovely for the teacher. There have been lots of stressful times where I've moaned that their writing or drawing isn't good enough for the teacher, asked them to do it again and ended up with stress and tears. Not ideal!

So I've made it easy for you. I've included a card (made from recycled card of course) in the box where your child can simply write their teacher's name and sign it. If they like colouring in, then they can colour it too and if they want to do their own picture or write a longer message, they can turn it over and write on the blank side. Winner. Your teacher will recieve a thoughtful, handmade card and you will have none of the stress involved!

So, what else is in the box? I've included a little selection of gifts, because 5 gifts is always better than 1 right?

Chocolate. You can never have to much. But this is no ordinary chocolate. This is handcrafted by our friends over at Discover chocolate with no added sugar and made from sustainably sourced cocoa. There's a choice of milk or dark vegan and trust me - it's delicious. Obviously, I've had to do the taste test. Hard job I know.

Wildflower seed bomb. Enjoy watching it grow and bloom when you plant this in a pot or the garden. The seed mixture is intended to attract butterflies and bees, which is good for the ecosystem as well.

A jasmine candle with a lovely scent that is entirely vegan and made of soy wax. This adorable tiny candle looks as nice as it smells thanks to its actual flower petals. The ideal gift to give your teacher to help them relax and unwind at the end of a busy day. They can use the tin afterwards as well; it might be helpful for paperclips and other classroom supplies.

A plantable pencil - genius. Teachers always need pencils right? Well this isn't just any pencil. It has seeds at the top, so once they've used it, they can pop it in the ground and grow carrots or basils. The could even put it in a pot and watch it grow in the classroom with the children

Best teacher wooden plaque. A little token as a reminder about what an amazing teacher they are. Teachers really do have a tough job these days, so how lovely to let them know just how amazing they are.

I send the boxes to you double boxed, so they arrive in pristine condition to give to your teacher. There's no extra postage charge for multiple items, so for once, it pays to have more kids! Once your child has written the card, I've included twine and lavender in the box so you can tie it up after to give to your teacher.

Teacher present wrapped with twine and lavender

All the packaging is sustainably sourced and can be recycled after, there is no plastic here thank you very much!

The boxes have had great feedback from the teachers and customers who received them last year. 

5 out of 5 stars

"This arrived very quickly! Perfect timing for me seeing as I left it a bit late to buy a present for my daughter's teacher. It was a special, unique gift and the teacher loved it. Great communication and service."

Sally P


You can find the teacher gift boxes here

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