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7 eco-friendly Valentine's gifts

If you're looking to treat your loved one, why not choose an eco-friendly Valentine's gift. We believe gifting can be thoughtful, meaningful and good for the environment. So we've put together our top 7 Valentine's presents to spoil your loved ones, without spoiling the planet.

1. Date ideas scratch poster

What could be a better Valentine's present than your time? This special gift includes 30 date suggestions that can be used day or night, indoors or out. These activities, like as stargazing, picnics, movie nights, and cocktail nights, are meant to help you spend quality time with each other while having a good time and creating memories.

2. A dried flower bouquet

Everyone enjoys receiving flowers, but new blooms only last a short while. However, dried flowers can be treasured for years to come.

3. Handcrafted chocolates

Another traditional Valentine's gift, this time with an eco twist. Discover chocolate produce the most delicious, handcrafted chocolate. All the ingredients are natural and sourced ethically. They ensure their cocoa farmers are paid fairly. There is a vegan option too if you're looking for a vegan Valentine's gift.

4. Eco-friendly candles

Create a romantic atmosphere with soft candlelight and fill the room with a delicate aroma. Our candles are eco-friendly, vegan and handcpoured here in Devon.

soy wax candles. espresso martini candle. chocolate candle. afternoon tea candle

5. Time for a massage?

Bloom is natural, organic body oil from Wild Rising. Made using real rose petals and coconut oil it smells divine. The perfect luxurious treat for your loved one.

6. How about a romantic bath?

Awaken bath salts from Wild Rising not only smell nice, but will leave your skin feeling nourished and soft. Add a candle and have a romantic bath together for the ideal date night.

7. A seeded card

Bee mine. This is the gift that keeps giving. Enjoy the sweet sentiment, then plant the card in a pot and it will sprout real shoot. These will grow into beautiful wildflowers that can be transplanted to the garden and enjoyed for years to come.

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So why not treat your loved one - and yo'self, this Valentine's day. Go on, you both deserve it! See the full range here - Valentine's range


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