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10 money saving, eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas

1. Use brown paper

Shop bought wrapping paper is often not recyclable - and expensive. Instead buy a big roll of brown paper to wrap your presents. You can decorate this with drawings, or stamps- get the kids involved. Tie up with coloured string, ribbon or washi tape and add a homemade gift tag. Why not use foraged bits of greenery or holly. Not only do they look good and have the personal touch, whilst saving you money. 

2. Use last year's cards as gift tags

Simply cut around a picture on the front and the back will be blank to write a message on. Punch a hole and tie with hessian or ribbon.

3. Gift an experience or your time

Instead of buying expensive gifts that no one needs, why not give the gift of your time. We don't see enough of our loved ones as it is, so this is the perfect opportunity to spend more quality time with each other. Maybe theatre or cinema tickets, a meal out. Lots of local companies offer gift vouchers, especially seasonal ones who could do with our financial support too at this time of year. Maybe a day out paddleboarding, boat trip, zip lining, caving, rally driving. The options are endless.

4. Do a secret Santa

If you have a huge family or circle of friends, it can soon add up buying everyone a gift. Arrange a secret Santa so you just have to buy one gift, agree on a spending limit and everyone still gets something lovely to open.

5. Make homemade gifts

It's always lovely receiving something homemade. How about a recipe ingredients in a jar - hot chocolate and cookies go down well. Or homemade treats - brownies, biscuits, fudge, luxury nut mixture. Alcohol is always a winner - homemade mulled wine sachets with a bottle, flavour your rum, gin or vodka. Buy a large bottle and decant into smaller bottles for gifts. Make your own candles - simply melt down any old ones you've got, add a wick to a jam jar and decorate with washi tape or ribbon. Get yourself on Pinterest and have a look for inspiration - there are thousands of ideas.

6. Make your own crackers

Toilet rolls make great chambers for the gifts and then they can be decorated. Avoid filling with plastic tat and you've got an eco-friendly solution. Look on you tube or Pinterest for tutorials. You can even add the money you've saved inside the cracker as a gift. My grandad always used to do this - we loved it.

Check out this tutorial here

7. Don't send cards or make your own

Do we really need cards? They generally end up in the bin. Why not write a lovely e-mail or text message. I know I'd rather receive a heartfelt message than a generic card. You could donate the money you've saved to charity and let the people know. Or why not make your own for the ultimate personal touch. I always rope my kids in to do this bit. They love it. Honestly.


8. Reusable advent calendars

Advent calendars these days are expensive and full of non-recyclable plastic. Invest in a reusable one that you can you use every year and fill with your own chocolates or treats of choice. There are ones with draws, fabric ones and many others.

9. Buy something that will grow

Flowers are all well and good but they don't last. How about seeds, bulbs or plants that they can grow and be enjoyed all year around. Not only will they bring joy to look at, they will encourage butterflies and bees to the garden too so are good for the environment. There are many seeded products you can buy, cards, calendars, pencils etc.

Plantable calendars by Alarkart Creations

10. Shop small and shop local

Our local independent makers and shop owners need our support more than ever now. By shopping local you are cutting down on postage costs and the carbon footprint it takes to get the products to you. Keeping money in the local area supports the individuals that are working hard to support their families and dreams. That is much more important than lining the pockets of the big companies - even if it is next day delivery!

At Treat Yo'self we pride ourselves on choosing only the best, eco-friendly products. We have a team of independent suppliers that create a wonderful range of products designed to treat and delight the recipent. If you want to shop consciously this Christmas then please go and check out our thoughtfully curated Christmas collection that won't break the bank.

Christmas collection

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